Welcome to Unseen Servant Press

Unseen Servant Press was conceived in 2012 as a means of publishing old-school role playing adventure modules and supplements. The small press was born of the Unseen Servant forums and the Unseen Servant dice roller, both of which allow enthusiasts to play their favorite role playing games in a forum-based, play-by-post environment.

I attempt to evoke an old-school role playing feel by using artists that share the same vision to illustrate my products, as well as language and rule-sets that are reminiscent of role playing games of the 1980s. Here you will find a list of current and upcoming products.

The Peril of Ardun coverFA1 The Peril of Ardun

A fantasy adventure compatible with first edition gaming and OSRIC, Recommended for 4-6 characters of level 2-4.

The Tûran tribes on the high steeps of eastern Tibbenlan have banded together and are on the offensive! They call themselves The Order of the Red Blade, and are moving east, recruiting or enslaving humanoid and human tribes as they go. The Order has entered the territory of Fallmeade, and threatens to occupy its capital, Clydwyn.

You find yourself in the mining town of Craldash, in central Ardun, a country to the south of Fallmeade, just beyond the Oktan Mountains. You are approached by a representative of the local governor who says her employer is looking for a stout party of adventurers to help him with a little problem.

S1 - The HarquebusierS1 The Harquebusier

A new player class for OSRIC and other OSR retro-clone games. Written in collaboration with Starry Knight Press

If you’ve ever longed for the smell of sulphur and the powerful recoil of early firearms in your Old School fantasy role playing campaign, then this book is for you! Herein you will discover the battle-ready Harquebusier character class, a master of early medieval firearms and a grenadier extraordinaire – ready to unleash a fusillade of destruction upon his or her foes!

Includes an entirely new introductory level adventure, “The Trials of the Shootist”, to aid the GM and their players in immediately putting these rules into action in their campaigns!

Coming Soon – The Gazetteer of Margant

Within this folio you’ll find descriptions of the 15 nations that make up the continent of Margant, a timeline of the history of the continent, and descriptions of its major societies. It also includes a full color, 34″ x 48″ fold out map.

Compatible with any OSR ruleset, this world is suitable for your fantasy campaign.