FA1 – The Peril of Ardun for OSRIC and 1e


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A fantasy adventure compatible with first edition gaming and OSRIC

Recommended for 4-6 characters of level 2-4

What’s included: A 20 page adventure, complete with side-quests and information about the surrounding area and excellent old-school styled art by Andy Taylor, Andy Hepworth and Eric Lofgren. It also includes a separate cover with maps of the adventure, and a full-color player handout of the wilderness that the party must travel through.

“The Tûran tribes on the high steeps of eastern Tibbenlan have banded together and are on the offensive! They call themselves The Order of the Red Blade, and are moving east, recruiting or enslaving humanoid and human tribes as they go. The Order has entered the territory of Fallmeade, and threatens to occupy its capital, Clydwyn.

You find yourself in the mining town of Craldash, in central Ardun, a country to the south of Fallmeade, just beyond the Oktan Mountains. You are approached by a representative of the local governor who says her employer is looking for a stout party of adventurers to help him with a little problem.

Her contacts have reported some unusual activity near an old abandoned temple to the west. A garrison of Red Blade soldiers has entered the temple grounds and set up shop. The governor would like the garrison removed or at least run off, along with any other information you can find. Are you up to the task?”

Review from Rob at the Unseen Servant forums:


This thing is great!

As an old fart, I have my share of experience with old-school mods and this one is awesome…it was a pleasure to read and it looks really professional as well. The artwork is great! The maps are great! The story is great!

I really liked how you tossed in fragments of your own campaign world into it but not so much that it couldn’t be dropped into a completely different world or setting. The tidbits at the end where you explain the different parts of the adventure area was also quite nice. Perfect for the DM who wanted to expand the story even further.

All in all, a truly professional piece of work! Very impressive indeed!